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Graphic Design

We take pride in delivering professional and creative visual solutions that effectively communicate your message.

Web & Digital

Our clients benefit from our years of experience, skills and continued development of custom digital solutions that work!


A great image should represent you or your products in their best light and evoke a positive response toward your business. That is our ultimate goal.


Our inspiration and creativity are what drives us to communicate unique ideas by means of traditional or digital processes for your business or vision.

Mural Art

Our mural art service is truly unique, for unique projects!

We provide a comprehensive themed art creation and application service, prop building and high visual impact using traditional and digital applications.

Signage & P.O.S.

We provide professional and creative solutions from concept to final application

Print Management

Clients benefit from our years of experience enabling us to provide clear direction and offer tangible print solutions for your business.


Graphitype Professional Graphic Services has been producing innovative design, photography, print, multimedia and web solutions for 30 years.

Every client is different, and we approach each client as an opportunity to create unique and distinctive results. Our experienced team of professionals offer both traditional and modern creative methods while our personalised service and dedication compliments our diverse set of skills. Our creative versatility attracts a large client base ranging from small businesses to large multi-national companies.

Our photographic studio is set up for most types of photography including people, products and art reproduction. We also have an in-built kitchen for food stylists to help create the perfect shot. The latest in digital equipment and software simplifies and speeds up the process from concept to final print product.


Company Director

Associate Fellow of the Australian Marketing institute, Expertise in Promotion and launching New Products and Services. Justice of the Peace – qualified to undertake all lottery type “Win” Promotions – Sign all Stat Dec’s etc. Print Management and production Experience- To ensure final result meets with our customers’ requirements, e.g. Colour Sizes, Materials, and Legal Specs. Company Director for 29 years – Graphitype P G S Pty Ltd


Customer satisfaction is key to our success.

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